How To Choose The Best Offshore Living Quarters Manufacturers

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The demand for offshore workers has significantly increased when the demand for oil products rose. And while living in the open sea for several months’ time sounds quite the adventure, it is also dangerous and uncomfortable.

Think about it.

The sea can be a harsh environment for a normal person to live in. The salt water which comprises most of the sea do not even support human life. Even if people were to live in crew ships, rations would eventually run out or spoil causing food shortages that may lead to worse situations. To top it off sleeping on boats or ships that ride on the sea’s tall waves can be very uncomfortable – not to mention nauseating. In short, the quality of life sea workers often find themselves in is mostly uncomfortable. Leaving others with no other choice but to abandon their posts and return home where warm beds greet their nights.

This very problem served as an inspiration for several offshore builders to “construct” the perfect solution – and I do mean that literally. They’ve introduced a safe, convenient, and comfortable place for employees to live in during the course of their offshore job contracts – offshore living quarters.

Think of it as small compartmentalized rooms that act as sea apartments. By selling our renting these places out to major corporations, many offshore living quarters manufacturers have helped improve the life of offshore workers.

But wait, with several offshore companies providing similar accommodations, how does one know which ones are best? To answer this question, we have prepared this short guide for you.

Go for Quality

True enough, offshore accommodations have become more common but not all of them are built on quality. More than just cheap deals, I highly suggest that you contract with manufacturers who have great dedication to making quality living spaces. Manufacturers who are genuinely concerned with providing offshore workers with a comfortable place to rest are often the best manufacturers out there. They’re a keeper.

Your People Need Space

Manufacturers usually provide portfolios or design templates you can choose from. And with it are room specifications. You should opt for manufacturers that are lenient with making rooms larger – not master bedroom-large, just enough space to give your people a breather. They deserve it and they’ll surely thank you for it.

Make Sure The Price Is Right

What else can beat a comfortable and spacious room? Simple – a comfortable and spacious room for a reasonable price. I know that building offshore facilities is a ton of work. It would require the use of heavy (and expensive) equipment, a lot of time and manpower – and of course – the cost of materials doesn’t come cheap either. But you should know the difference between fair compensation and a manufacturer who’s just trying to rip you off. Consult several offshore rig builders, compare prices, and check online resources. The only way to avoid getting cheated is being one step ahead of everything. When you do your research, they’ll find themselves having a hard time trying to milk anything out of your bank account.

Recreational Facilities

What comes with your offshore accommodation package? Don’t tell me it just comes with a bunk bed. Now, that’s too harsh. Many builders have started to change their concept of offshore living – for the better. Living out in the open sea should stop feeling like torture and start feeling more like a never-ending vacation. Offshore workers work themselves to the bone, they deserve a little bit of extra. Providing entertainment facilities or maybe even an offshore fitness gym should give them a nice change of pace. If your manufacturer shows ample concern for your employees’ recreation and agrees to build it for you for a reasonable price, then you’ve got yourself a good deal.

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Company Reputation

Some companies may offer you stellar packages – however, some things are just too good to be true. Consult the opinion of other people. You have the whole internet to inquire to. Check websites like Yelp for any recommendations. Observe ratings and validate claims – you can never be too careful! Cross-checking is always good practice. Fraudulent reviews are nothing new so never let your guard down.


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